Automotive scope ATS5004D High performance lab scope for the automotive technician.

The Automotive scope ATS5004D is a four channel automotive oscilloscope with differential inputs. Besides the normal features of a professional USB oscilloscope, the Automotive scope ATS5004D has some specific features like SureConnect connection test and resistance measurement that make it an ideal instrument for automotive measurements.

Price:  1,610.00
Resistance measurement SureConnect
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Automotive scope ATS5004D key specifications

The compact and powerful Automotive scope ATS5004D features differential inputs, a SureConnect connection test and resistance measurement, making it the perfect tool for an automotive engineer to diagnose automotive problems.

Automotive scope ATS5004D key specifications are:

  • Channels: 4 Ch
  • Differential
  • Sample frequency: 50 MS/s
  • Record length: 128 KiS
  • Resolution: 12 bit
  • Resolution: 14 bit
  • Resolution: 16 bit
  • Bandwidth: 50 MHz
  • Connection test
  • Resistance measuring
  • Combined instrument support
  • USB
  • RoHS
Oscilloscope / Spectrum analyzer / Multimeter / Data logger
12, 14, 16 bit resolution
50 MS/s sampling
50 MHz bandwidth
128 KSamples memory per channel
100 ppm time base accuracy


The following models of the Automotive scope ATS5004D are available:

Order codeMax. sampling speedMax. streaming speedPrice
ATS5004D50 MS/s500 kS/s€ 1,610.00 Add to cart

Package contents

The Automotive scope ATS5004D models come with the following items:

1 Carry case BT341
1 Automotive scope ATS5004D
4 Measure lead TP-C1812B, BNC -> 4 mm banana jack
4 Differential attenuator TP-DA10
1 CD-ROM with Multi Channel oscilloscope software and drivers
1 instrument manual and software user's manuals