Automotive test and measurement products

TiePie engineering offers a wide range of high quality automotive test and measurement products, consisting of lab scopes, measure leads, current clamps, test/back probes and related accessories.

TiePie automotive lab scopes combine a small size with high accuracy, large input ranges and ease of use. Together with lab scope accessories such as back probes, current clamps and accelerometers, they offer a complete automotive test and measurement solution. Feel free to contact us for advice on selecting equipment best fitting your requirements.

Automotive Diagnostics Kit

Automotive Diagnostics Kit

Complete case with everything needed for automotive diagnostics.

Automotive lab scope

Lab scope

Fast high resolution lab scope, multimeter and data logger.

ATIS diagnostics software


Extensive knowledge base to help the automotive technician diagnose car problems.

Automotive measure leads

Measure leads

Flexible, heat resistant measure leads with high noise suppression.

Test probes and alligator clips

Test probes

Ultra thin and highly flexible test probes and alligator clips with or without isolation.

Current clamps

Current clamps

Current clamps enabling current measurements without breaking the circuit under test.



Miscellaneous automotive test and measurement products.

All products

All products

Overview of all TiePie automotive test and measurement products.