Measurement examples available

June 25, 2012

Besides articles about several problem cars with engine management faults, a new section containing measurement examples is now available. This section contains examples of measurements performed on automotive sensors and automotive actuators.

Each measurement example describes how to check whether a certain sensor or actuator is functioning correctly, by measuring with an automotive lab scope like the Automotive Test Scope ATS5004D.

Every measurement example shows a diagram with sensor or actuator, its connections to ECU and power supply, and where to connect the lab scope. Furthermore, an overview picture of the component to be measured in the vehicle is given. Also shown are measurements of the sensor or actuator with a description of the illustrated values.

Measured data of each example can be downloaded to be viewed in the Multi Channel oscilloscope software and to use to correctly set up the lab scope to perform the measurement.

This section will be expanded in the future, to make it a collection of a wide range of sensor and actuator measurement examples.

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