ATIS software, version 5.08

August 21, 2014

Version 5.08 of ATIS is released. This ATIS version contains many new schematics, measurements and example signals for various car brands.

This is a list of some of the changes:

  • New motor management systems (MMS), ABS, Airco and CAN bus systems are added.
  • Many changes are made in the Basic scope measurements section:
    • Background information on the functionality of several components is added.
    • Connection information for the labscope is expanded.
    • Information on the measurement conditions is improved.
    • New diagnostic background information is added.
    • This applies to e.g.:
      • Mass Air Flow sensors
      • Lambda sensors
      • Throttle valve position sensors
      • Radiator exit coolant temperature sensor
      • Injectors
      • EGR valve
      • Hall ABS wheel sensor
  • Improvements are made to the duty cycle measurement, the communication bus measurements, the current measurements and the stable running test.

The Dutch version of ATIS is now available, the English version will be available in January 2015. ATIS is only available on DVD.