Current clamp TP-CC400

May 12, 2017

TiePie engineering has added a new current clamp to the product list, the Current clamp TP-CC400:

Current clamp TP-CC400: 0 - 40 A and 0 - 400 A input ranges

Key specifications of the Current clamp TP-CC400 are:

Current clamp TP-CC400
40 A and 400 A AC and DC range
1 mV/A and 10 mV/A output sensitivity
20 mm clamping range
4 mm shrouded banana sockets

With this current clamp, the TiePie engineering PC based USB oscilloscopes can be used to measure AC and DC currents in a quick and convenient way.

Refer to the Current clamp TP-CC400 pages for more information and specifications.