Recorder mode

What is recorder mode?

In recorder mode the instrument measures without interruption and continuously sends the measurement values to the computer in small chunks. A major advantage compared to scope mode is that measurement results are already available during measuring instead of only afterwards.

The recorder mode, also called streaming mode, is mainly used to measure slow signals from for example a MAP sensor or a temperature sensor. Multiple sensors and actuators can be measured simultaneously. In the Multi Channel oscilloscope software the incoming chunks of measurement values can be sequentially collected with Data collector I/Os.

How do I perform a recorder mode measurement?

The recorder mode or stream measurement can be setup by pushing the Transient Data logger quick function button. The scope is put into stream mode and a graph containing data collectors is created. Besides, the used channels need to be set to a proper range. Proper ranges can be found in the list of articles.

Measuring a working MAP sensor

Figure 1: Measuring a working MAP sensor

As an example the MAP sensor measurement is used. When the lab scope is connected correctly, see figure 1, the measurement can be started by pushing the Start Start button. During the measurement, the MAP sensor signal is gradually becoming visible as shown in figure 2.

Lab scope measurement of MAP sensor

Figure 2: Lab scope measurement of MAP sensor