Accelerometer TP-ACC20

Accelerometer TP-ACC20


The Accelerometer TP-ACC20 is a dual axis accelerometer combined with a manual, external trigger button, designed to be used with the Automotive Test Scope ATS5004D, Automotive Test Scope ATS5004DW (order code TP-ACC20-25) and Automotive Test Scope ATS605004D-XMS, Automotive Test Scope ATS610004D-XMSG, Automotive Test Scope ATS605004DW-XMS, Automotive Test Scope ATS610004DW-XMSG (order code TP-ACC20-09).

The dual accelerometer is a low power dual axis accelerometer with voltage outputs. It can measure accelerations in two axes, up to ± 2 g. It can measure both dynamic acceleration and static acceleration (gravity).

The manual external trigger button can be used to trigger measurements in situations where no trigger condition can be derived from the input signals.

  • Accelerometer TP-ACC20 - 25
  • Accelerometer TP-ACC20 - 09

Order code: TP-ACC20-25
EAN: 7423621853849
Price: 356.00

Category: Miscellaneous

Accelerometer TP-ACC20 sensor front

The acceleration sensor of the Accelerometer TP-ACC20 is placed in a small package with a long, thin flexible cable. The package contains strong magnets to attach the sensor to magnetic (steel) surfaces without the need of screws or clamps. One side of the package contains a patch of velcro, to attach the sensor to fabric surfaces.

The Accelerometer TP-ACC20 also contains a manual, external trigger button. This button can be used to manually trigger measurements in situations where no trigger condition can be derived from the input signals. The manual external trigger button has a solid aluminum body and is fitted with a female BNC connector. A long flexible cable with a male BNC connector is used to connect the button to the instrument.

Accelerometer TP-ACC20 trigger button

The table below shows detailed specifications of the Accelerometer TP-ACC20.

Accelerometer sensor

Sensor input range± 2 g
Sensitivity420 mV/g typical
Zero g bias level1.5 V typical
Zero g offset vs. temperature< ± 0.5 mg/°C
Bandwidth500 Hz
Sensor resonant frequency5.5 kHz typical
Power supplyfrom instrument extension connector, < 0.5 mA
Width35 mm
Height30 mm
Thickness9 mm
Weight20 g
Cable length2.5 m

Manual external trigger button

Length (without cable)47 mm
Diameter18 mm
Connector at buttonfemale BNC connector
Connector at cableisolated male BNC connector
Cable length2 m

Instrument connector

Connector type9 pin male D-Sub connector25 pin male D-Sub connector
Suitable instrumentsAutomotive Test Scope ATS610004DW-XMSG
Automotive Test Scope ATS605004DW-XMS
Automotive Test Scope ATS610004D-XMSG
Automotive Test Scope ATS605004D-XMS
Automotive Test Scope ATS5004DW
Automotive Test Scope ATS5004D
Accelerometer sensor signal connection2
Connectionisolated male BNC connector
Cable length50 cm
Total weight200 g

The Accelerometer TP-ACC20 is available in 2 models with different connectors, a 25 pin and a 9 pin D-sub connector.

Order codeEANPrice
TP-ACC20-257423621853849 356.00
TP-ACC20-097423629642681 356.00

The Accelerometer TP-ACC20 - 09 can be used with the:

The Accelerometer TP-ACC20 - 25 can be used with the:

Accelerometer TP-ACC20 user manual 1.3English875.29 kB download


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