Miscellaneous automotive products

TiePie engineering miscellaneous automotive test and measurement products.

Miscellaneous test and measurement accessories to be used with the automotive lab scope.

Product Price Key specifications Description
Accelerometer TP-ACC20  315.00
2 axis, 2 g max. The Accelerometer TP-ACC20 is a dual axis accelerometer combined with a manual trigger button, designed to be used with the Automotive scope ATS5004D.
Differential attenuator TP-DA10  27.20
1:10 differential attenuator, rated 300 V, 25 MHz bandwidth. The Differential attenuator TP-DA10 is a differential 1:10 attenuator, specially designed to be used with differential oscilloscopes like the Automotive scope ATS5004D.
Ignition Pickup TP-IP250  33.70
Ignition pickup for ignition measurements. The voltages on the secondary side of an ignition system are too high to be measured directly. To safely measure these signals, the Ignition Pickup TP-IP250 can be used together with the lab scope to get a clear picture of the ignition waveform.
Coil-on-Plug probe TP-COP750  70.20
Ignition pickup for coil on plug ignition measurements. The signals at the secondary side of a Coil-on-Plug ignition system are hard to measure. Each spark plug has its own ignition coil, directly mounted on the spark plug. No spark plug cables are present to clamp an ignition pickup on. To measure these signals, the Coil-on-Plug probe TP-COP750 can be used.
Diesel Return Flow Sensor RFS400  487.00
4 channel diesel return flow measurement, 50 cc/min rate. Common Rail Diesel injection systems are becoming more and more advanced. The Diesel Return Flow Sensor RFS400 can be used together with a lab scope (automotive oscilloscope) to diagnose the most advanced Diesel injection systems.
Rubber protector TP-RP-HS: protector for Handyscope series USB oscilloscopes  21.40
Available colors are red, yellow and black. The Rubber protector TP-RP-HS is a protector for Handyscope series USB oscilloscopes. It can be used on the Automotive scope ATS5004D, Handyscope HS3, Handyscope HS4, Handyscope HS4 DIFF and Handyscope HS5.
Carry case BB451  72.00
Width 450 mm, height 360 mm, depth 106 mm. The Carry case BB451 is a convenient case for safely carrying your automotive tools.